Super sexy new Polaroids of Joanna Angel taken by Steve Prue!

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Nearly everyone has some sort of skeleton of their own or their family’s hidden in their closet… Ultimately, what really matters is not just the experiences you have at a young age, but whether or not you are equipped-by your parents, by your genetics, by your education-to survive and deal with them.
How to Make Love Like a Pornstar - Jenna Jameson (via helloashleyy)
Men tend to be power-driven. They measure their lives by their accomplishments. Women are more relationship-driven. They tend to define episodes of their lives by the men they are with. That is, until they learn better
How to Make Love Like A Pornstar - Jenna Jameson (via helloashleyy)
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30 Day Movie Challenge -  Day 24: Favourite Documentary (1/2)

I have to cheat today, because this interview is the most important interview I have ever watched, but Bowling For Columbine is only my second favourite documentary. So think of this like a preface… and watch this, it’s only getting more and more relevant.

"I want to know um… why it is that all of you seem to have satanic signs all over you and what is that make… Does this music cause you to do what you do?"